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Preventative Care

Home Health Care

End of life care

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Medical Foot Care


Maintain Mobility

Prevent Disease

Maintain Comfort

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Foot Clinics are available at various locations around Denver.

Recovery Nursing Care

Personal Care

Nursing Services

Therapy Services

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End of Life Care

Physical Care

Psychological Care

Spiritual Care

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Mental Health First Aid Course

Training community members to recognize
the signs of mental health challenges.


Signs of addictions and mental illnesses

5-step action plan to assess a situation and help

Impact of mental and substance use disorders

Local resources and where to turn for help

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Are you seeking A REWARDING CAREER in healthcare?

We always have our eyes open for talented, caring, compassionate individuals.

Preventative Care

Preventative Care

Medical Foot Care - Immunizations & Biometrics

Preventative Care from VNA includes our Medical Foot Care community clinics and preventative health care screenings. We also cover Flu Shots, Tdap, Cholesterol Screenings and more.

Home Care

Home Care

Personal Care - Nursing - Therapy

Our Home Care services includes changing linens and bathing. Our nursing and therapy services will help you restore functional independence while recovering at home from illness, surgery, or injury.

End of Life

End of Life

Palliative - Hospice at Home

If you or a loved one in need of end of life care, we offer complete palliative care to help manage symptoms & pain. Our Hospice at Home service provides for physical, psychological, & spiritual care.


Over 3,000 years of licensed caregivers expertise on staff


50,000 people served annually


Serving Colorado for over 100 years

Home Health Care

Wellness – Home Care – Hospice

We come to  you, providing care where you call home.  Low Readmission Rates picture

Colorado’s leading nonprofit health care agency for people and their families, Visiting Nurse Association of Colorado (VNA) provides quality and compassionate care, ranging from preventive to recovery to end-of-life, in the home and community.

VNA Ranked in the Top 7% nationally for low readmission rates!

We address people’s unique needs, supporting their optimal well-being,independence and dignity. Our care enables people to remain active members of their communities.

Home health care you can trust!

Alow re-admission rate for our patients is our reward for providing top notch home health care to our patients.  We work very hard and ensure that we are providing consistent standards of care, coordinating among health providers, and providing top notch preventative care education to our patients.  You can rest assured when you work with VNA for hospice care, recovery care, or preventative health care.

A few other reasons to choose at home health care from VNA:

  • Quality and compassion drive our business, not profits
  • Over 3,000 years of licensed caregivers’ expertise on staff
  • Specially trained and certified Clinical RN Specialists with expertise in wound care and infusion therapy provide evidence-based education for our staff and direct patient care for complex cases
  • Electronic medical records improve communication and streamline workflow, giving patients what they need when they need it

Patient Stories


“Barb, a retired DPS teacher and an active, independent equestrian and dog trainer who’s ever on-the-go, fractured her tibia just below the knee while working with her horse. Unaccustomed to a full-length leg brace and walker, Barb was delighted when Deb, a VNA occupational therapist, came to visit…..”


“It’s Thursday, I’m homebound, in a wheelchair, and I don’t have any food for the weekend. What am I going to do?”Most of us do not have to contemplate not eating for over 48 hours, but this was the reality facing Bill, a VNA patient, quadriplegic and Vietnam Vet from Kiowa, Colo. After a seven-month stay in a nursing home in New Mexico last year…”


Eloise, 34, an active, single mother of two in Denver, was doing well: good job, two-floor apartment, kids succeeding in school. Then her employer closed its doors. While seeking new employment,Eloise had a massive stroke. Unable to walk—much less work—her unemployment insurance was terminated. It would take months to get disability support started. She needed help. Now. A friend suggested VNA…..


Grace is a spunky 98-yr-old who loves living in her own apartment in Lakewood and who treasures even more her weekly visits to the grocery store. When an unfortunate fall in her home caused a fractured hip and forced her to use a wheelchair, her whole life was turned upside down. Grace worried that she would be moved to an assisted living facility.

Jim & D.J.

“Jim and I can’t say enough about the high quality of care provided by his nurse Robin from Visiting Nurse Association. Robin cared for Jim before his liver transplant and after it. She was consistently firm with him when needed and super compassionate during his sickest times…..


Knee replacements come with unfamiliar pains. So when LC of NE Colorado came home from the hospital not feeling well last November, she wasn’t too concerned. Yet when a Visiting Nurse Association occupational therapist vistied her the next day, she was happy to see her.


Mike comes from a strong family, one that pulls together to help each other when needed. So when Mike, a Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy, needed a hip replacement, he knew he’d have support from his wife and teen sons. 

Robinson Dairy

Robinson Dairy, which has served Denver since 1885, cares about keeping its employees healthy and uses Visiting Nurse Association to great success.  “For more than 25 years, Robinson Dairy has partnered with the Visiting Nurse Association to bring healthcare services to our employees,”