Notice of Privacy Practices

Colorado Visiting Nurse Association is a covered entities under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. Colorado VNA maintains a Notice of Privacy Practices as required by law, which applies to all protected personal health information (PHI) that is collected from individuals. Please view and/or download our Notice of Privacy Practices below.

Hospice, Wellness and CAPABLE – Notice of Privacy Practices Document
Home Health – Notice of Privacy Practices Document

If you have any questions regarding this notice:

Colorado VNA has designated the Privacy/Compliance Officer as its contact person for all issues regarding patient privacy and your rights under the Federal privacy standards.
Privacy/Compliance Officer
Colorado VNA
8299 E. Lowry Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80230

Medical Records/Health Information

Medical Records and patient protected health information (PHI) is maintained by our Health Information Management team. To request copies of records, please contact the HIM Manager at (303) 398-6285

To discuss restrictions, amendments, accounting of disclosures or to opt in/out of HIE, or any other questions about your protected health information, please contact the HIM Manager at (303) 398-6285.

Health Information Exchange

Colorado VNA participates in the CORHIO electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE). The HIE gives qualified medical professionals access to accurate, up-to-date patient information, and help them provide better quality care. HIPAA-covered providers and staff who are caring for you can access your data; this is a very secure, controlled and private network. The HIE also enables emergency medical personnel and other providers who are treating you to have immediate access to your important health records, including allergies, medications and medical conditions. This information helps doctors and other health care professionals provide better care.

You can choose to opt out and not to make your health information available. By making this choice, your health information will not be accessible to providers who use CORHIO’s health information exchange. To learn more, visit

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