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Thank Your Caregiver

If you would like to recognize the special care your loved one and family received, please click on the yellow bar below and fill out the form that appears. The named employee will receive a special award. This type of recognition is extremely meaningful for the individual as well as the entire care team.

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  • My counselor was incredibly compassionate and had great insights. She is clearly a very seasoned and gifted grief counselor.

    Peggy P.
  • My grief counselor made me whole again and able to carry on. She is totally amazing. I have no idea where I would be without her and Halcyon.

    Kathleen W.
  • The most valuable aspect of grief counseling was being able to talk through and understand that I'm not broken, nor do I need fixing but each person has their own journey.

    Ruth C.
  • My grief counselor provided a safe and caring reflection which lead to trust. I was free to explore every aspect of my grief as well as life how to manage my grief and make decisions about my life issues.

  • For me, the one-on-one counseling helped me immensely to address my issues. Solutions were addressed on an individual basis.

    Toni W.
  • I appreciated having a safe space to explore/share/understand the myriad of feelings and challenges over the course of a year with someone who cared.

    Paula S.
  • It was helpful learning how to channel and experience grief and mourning. The only way to completely heal is to go through it.

    Bob T.
  • I think knowing that everything I was feeling was a normal part of the grief and loss process was the most helpful.

    Susan A.
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