Wishing You a Happy & Healthy Valentine's Day!

This year, indulge in heart-healthy activities.


A very special thanks to Veldkamkp's Flowers for supplying our clinicians with lovely Valentine's Day flowers to give to patients and clients!


Colorado VNA Telemedicine Debut!

Colorado VNA is thrilled to announce its partnership with Health Recovery Solutions to pilot a telemedicine program for individuals with heart failure. This initiative is possible thanks to generous grants from Caring for Colorado and Telligen Community Iniative.

Maggie Stevens  and Andrea Seith

Meet our Star Volunteers: Maggie Stevens (left) and Andrea Seith (right)!

For six months, both Maggie and Andrea have been volunteering their time in our hospice program. Their warmth and compassion is clearly evident in the way they help patients and patients' families navigate end of life care. This Valentines Day, both went above and beyond their regular volunteer service by delivering flowers to patients. Thank you Maggie and Andrea!


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