Hospice Volunteers

Hospice Volunteers are a critical part of our hospice team. These volunteers provide companionship visits to patients with life-limiting illnesses and respite for caregivers, i.e., reminiscing with the client, helping family and friends, reading, addressing death and dying issues, and help with household tasks. Hospice Volunteers

All hospice volunteers are provided with 20 hours of initial training, as well as recommended monthly continuing education classes or self-study. They must also be 18 years of age or older, pass a background check, drug test, and undergo yearly tuberculosis screenings.

Join our hospice volunteer program, or learn more by filling out the form in the right column. Make sure you select “volunteers” from the drop down, and an email will be sent to our Volunteer Services Manager.

Compassionate Companions

Compassionate Companions is a supplemental hospice volunteer program; Colorado VNA rolled it out in 2016. It is modeled after the “No One Dies Alone” program developed in Oregon. These volunteers choosing, when a patient is actively dying. Our hospice team will call the volunteer to have them sit with the patient and offer support or just be a comforting presence at the end.

Hospice Volunteers

Community Wellness Volunteers

Community Wellness and Senior Wellness volunteers are an important piece of Colorado VNA’s mission by supporting about 80 different clinics around Metro Denver. Wellness volunteers welcome community members to our clinics and support our nurses by setting appointments, completing registration forms, organizing charts, and collecting payment for any needed services.

To be a wellness volunteer, one needs to be 18 years of age or older, complete our general orientation and background check, and on-the-job training at the clinic.

Community Wellness Volunteers

Artistic, Tailoring Skills, or Crafty Abilities

Sometimes volunteers come to Colorado VNA with special ideas on ways they might support our patients or our community. Sometimes, there’s a need for a specialty program that may include, but are not limited to craft projects, video and photography, and professional services. Please do not hesitate to tell the Volunteer Department Manager about your skills or interests and ideas for a new program or service. Hospice Volunteers

Administrative Support

Interested in feeling like your time is appreciated and highly valued? This is the position for you!

Volunteers work closely with the Volunteer Department Manager assembling hospice booklets, food pantry organization, data entry, mailings, scanning, copying, and filing. The volunteer department supports all the departments of the agency, so it is a unique position that always changes. If you think, “Variety is the spice of life,” this is the perfect opportunity for you. Regular schedules may be established or volunteers may be on-call.

Alternately, if you are detail oriented and interested in pursuing a career in medical records, our medical records department will welcome your help scanning, filing, and data entry. This position requires a minimum of a six month commitment and involves a two to four hour shift weekly. Gain experience in this field to boost your resume or give back to the community through this opportunity!

Translation and Interpretation

Periodically, our staff finds themselves, “Lost in Translation” which is when having volunteers available to translate orally or create written documents would be helpful. Our most needed languages are as follows: Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, or Cantonese. These are opportunities on an as-needed basis which include interpreting for nurses and patients in-person or over the phone.

Handy Help- Volunteers with DIY Skills

Use your ‘Do it Yourself’ skills to benefit others!

From small projects like changing a light bulb or replacing smoke detector batteries, to larger jobs like installing bathroom grab bars and wheelchair ramps, we strive to give our patients a safe environment so they can focus on getting better. Be a part of the good work we are doing!

Assignments are given on an as needed basis; usually once a month. Email today for more information on becoming a Handy Person Volunteer.

Hospice Volunteers

Interested in one or more of the volunteer positions outlined above, apply using the online application button to the right or contact the Department Manager at 303-698-6387 or volunteers@vnacolorado.org