Honoring Our Nation’s First People

November is Native American Heritage month. This is a time to celebrate the rich histories, diverse cultures, and important contributions of our nation’s first people while also building awareness around the unique challenges Native people have faced.

Since 1990, every president has signed a proclamation declaring November as Native American Heritage month. However, President Biden went further to designate November 26, the day after Thanksgiving, as Native American Heritage Day.

Given historical events, November is a time of mixed emotions for many indigenous people. However, it also presents a poignant time for helping to educate and spread awareness to non-Indigenous people about current Native culture. That way, we’re not focusing only on the past.

Take a look at this native land map to see which land you reside on.

The number four is sacred to many Native American cultures: there are four sacred mountains, four directions, four colors, four worlds, four sacred plants, and four times of day.

Here are four ways you can learn more about and support Native American cultures: