CVNA’s CEO a guest on No CoPay Radio to discuss elderly independence

 Chris Lee, CVNA’s President & CEO appeared on No CoPay Radio Sunday June 11th to discuss aging independence, Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) and collaborative healthcare partnerships. No CoPay Radio is a podcast hosted by Dr. John of 9news and Murphy Huston of KOSI and sponsored by DRCOG, Denver’s Area Agency on Aging. Chris was interviewed by both Murphy and Jayla Sanchez-Warren; DRCOG’s Area Agency on Aging Executive Director. An additional guest on the podcast was Dr. William Jones, Director of the new Mobile Stroke Program at the University of Colorado Hospital.

On the podcast Chris talks about the history of CVNA as well as an overview of some of the challenges CVNA is facing as a non-profit healthcare organization focused on helping people remain independent in their homes. Additional topics include an exciting partnership CVNA is working on with Easterseals Colorado as well as discussing challenges the entire State of Colorado will face with its growing population of people over 65. As part of this aging explosion, it was mentioned that partnerships between traditionally competitive organizations, both non-profit and for-profit; will be necessary to care for the massive growth in Colorado’s elderly population. This “co-opetition” is the only way to provide solutions to keep people out of facility-based care that could be supported in their homes.

Chris and Jayla also spend time talking about how CVNA works with DRCOG to help provide supportive services in the home for the needy elderly. In fact, CVNA is one of DRCOG’s largest partners and currently cares for over 250 elderly in Denver County providing services such has light housekeeping, errands and other services that the elderly need to remain independent in their homes. In fact, CVNA surveys its patients each year as part of our agreement and over 93% of patients surveyed in 2017 stated that the services they receive from DRCOG and CVNA help them maintain their independence. The problem is that there is never enough funding from the government and other sources to allow organizations like CVNA to provide the necessary care for patients to remain in the home. As a result, CVNA will be kicking of a funding campaign in the coming months to help offset the cost of providing care in the homes of those in need. You can help by providing a donation here.

To listen to the podcast, click on the file below or check out the No CoPay Radio Site here.