Colorado Visiting Nurse Association Helps Client Be Safer at Home

Priscilla, 83, has not always felt safe walking down her front steps to greet her neighbors.

“Now, she feels much safer going down the front stairs to take a walk,” says her daughter Latanya. “Mom loves greeting the neighbors. She is always waving and asking the neighbors about their children and husbands.”

Thanks to CVNA’s Community Aging in Place – Advancing Better Living for Elders (CAPABLE) program, Priscilla’s home received much-needed updates and repairs that have allowed her to feel secure in her own space – and connect more easily with her community.

CAPABLE is a partnership between Habitat Metro Denver and the CVNA which provides medical support and home repairs to improve comfort and mobility for low-income homeowners.


Through the CAPABLE partnership, Habitat staff installed a sturdy railing next to Priscilla’s stairs. Priscilla shares the two-story home with her daughter, LaTanya, and her husband, Lonnie.

Habitat staff also installed new banisters indoors from the home’s main floor to the second floor, where the bedrooms are located, and from the main floor to the basement. Both sets of stairs already had a handrail on one side, but the second banister offers extra stability.

“The stairs are very steep. Both mom and I feel safer and have more confidence climbing up and down the stairs now,” Latanya shares. Habitat also installed grab bars in the two bathrooms. “My mom has been taking showers for years, but she is so pleased that she can now take a bath if she wants because of the grab bars.”

Priscilla, 83, was a registered nurse and a clinical instructor during her career and bought her four-bedroom home 25 years ago – making her one of the original homeowners on the cul de sac. She heard about the CAPABLE program through a friend at church. Latanya moved in with her mother 10 years ago when she retired.

The Habitat volunteers also installed a raised toilet in Priscilla’s bathroom. When the crew learned that Latanya was getting a hip replacement, they sped up the work on the bathroom grab bars.

“We got to meet some really wonderful people. You could tell they really cared about the work they were doing and their clients,” Latanya shares. “Both my mom and I are really grateful for Habitat and CAPABLE”.